Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Scribblings #288 - The Call

Back at base camp, Ranger took a grateful swallow from his thermos mug. The coffee was cold, but he didn't care. It was strong and for now, it was exactly what he needed. Ignoring the exhausted chatter around him, he walked to the edge of the clearing. Wearily massaging the back of his neck, Ranger surveyed the rugged terrain before him. It was a deceptively beautiful place. In the distance he could hear the helicopter approaching. It was time to go home.

Three days ago a young bushwalker had wandered away from his group and disappeared. While anxious friends and family waited, the search and rescue teams had combed the dense bushland. Two hours ago the call had come. The coded message from command post, had simply stated,"the bottle is broken."
The lost bushwalker had been found.


  1. Good use of the prompt and good message. Stick with the group!

  2. Lilly you have a gift for words. This short story was both moving and sad. Keep writing my friend.