Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Scribblings #136 : Change

The Seed of Change - Interlude I

Episode xiii

Raven lay beside Ranger on a blanket on the grass, staring at the moon. It is their last night here, tomorrow the removalist will come and take away all their belongings and then they too, will be gone . She cradles her belly protectively in her hands. Earlier that night Ranger had told her that he wanted to try for a baby. She wasn't sure if she was ready, if they were ready for this kind of change. They were moving to another state to another job. She whispers a little prayer to the moon, "Please, show me the way," before sleep finally claims her.

Raven is visiting Wolf, the Wood Witch as she is known to her friends. They sit in silence by the fire, sipping chai.
"Mmm, nice," Raven says, as the chai makes its way down her throat, warming her insides deliciously.
Wolf looks up from the cards spread out before them and smiles.
"You have a message here from the Moon Goddess."
"Ah, She who dwells in dreams," Raven muses.
"You must go outside and pick a fig from the tree," Wolf tells her.
Raven does as she is told, and returns with a fig in her hand. She gives Wolf the fig she has chosen. Raven sits in silence, patiently waiting as Wolf passes the fig over the flames, while she chants praises to the Moon Goddess. Finally she takes out her athame and cuts the fig in half. Inside the fig is a single seed shaped like an almond. Wolf smiles.
"You're going to have a baby," she says, taking a bite of the flesh.

Raven wakes with a start. There is something stuck in her mouth. She spits it out onto her hand. It is a seed, shaped like an almond.

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